Go Green After Death…

Info on Biodegradable Urn Materials

A biodegradable urn is a type of eco friendly which is gaining huge popularity in the market. Biodegradable urn can be further categorized into land burial biodegradable cremation urn, water or sea burial biodegradable cremation urn and scattering urn. The main feature of such urns is that only eco-friendly materials are used for making these types of urns. Continue reading »

Eco-conscious People Prefers Biodegradable Urns

Most of the eco-conscious people look for ways to protect the environment. This is why when such people look are cremation urns; their first choice is biodegradable urns. Nowadays, biodegradable urns are an exceptional choice to memorialize the life of a person who loved nature a lot. Continue reading »

Key Advantages of Biodegradable Urns

In the last few years, there has been an increasing demand in the market for biodegradable urns by people who wish to pay tribute to a departed soul in a unique and eco-friendly manner. Well, there are many reasons also behind this increasing popularity. Continue reading »

Tips to Select Eco-Friendly Burial Urns

Nowadays more and more people prefer cremation as compared to burial due to different reasons. While some people choose cremation due to its cost factor, some people choose cremation due to its eco-friendly nature. Also with cremation you get the ashes belonging to the deceased, which you can handle in different ways such as you can store it in a cremation urn or jewelry keepsake, bury it a sacred place and so on. However, if you wish to serve the Mother Earth after death, then you can opt for biodegradable burial urns to contain the cremains.

Continue reading »

4 Key Tips to Buy Biodegradable Urns

The memorial industry is flourishing day by day and new products are often launched in the market. Recently the memorial industry has noticed an increase in demand for biodegradable urns amongst consumers. Biodegradable urns provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional urns, especially when green living practices were important to a loved one who has passed. Also a biodegradable urn is the first choice amongst people who are concerned about their environment and prefer eco-friendly products. Continue reading »

Why Should You Consider A Biodegradable Urn?

Cremation is a kind of artificial process by which the natural decay of the human body over time is done within a matter of few hours.  While some people choose cremation over burial due to the low cost factor, another reason why many people choose cremation is because it is a more eco-friendly option as compared to traditional burial. When done thoughtfully and with grace, the whole process of cremation can help save the Mother Nature as well as honor the life of the deceased.  Continue reading »

Now Buy Urns Made From a Renewable Resource

When it comes to buying eco-friendly cremation urns, you can even choose urns made from renewable resources such as bamboo. These urns are beautiful to look at and very affordable. These eco-friendly urns are a great way to honor the life of a loved one. Most of these urns are handcrafted by skilled woodworkers. Continue reading »

Biodegradable Pet Urns-An Eco Friendly Option

When it comes to cremation urns for your beloved pet, you can also opt for biodegradable cremation pet urns. These urns are good for the environment as these urns are made from eco-friendly materials. Some of the materials used for making biodegradable pet urns are mulberry bark, organic compost, newsprint, cornstarch, blocks of salt, paper clay, earthenware clay and unglazed ceramic. All these materials are 100% biodegradable and ecologically-friendly. Continue reading »

Best Deep Water Biodegradable Cremation Urns

With the ‘Go Green’ campaign gaining popularity, the funeral industry has also come up with some new and exciting concepts such as Green Funerals and Green Burials. In both these new concepts one thing is common and it is the use of an urn. Continue reading »

Different Options For Eco-Friendly Burial

Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, these funeral practices are not good for the environment. So, in order to save the environment there is an alternative option also. It is known as eco-friendly burial which is gaining popularity all over the world. Continue reading »