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4 Key Tips to Buy Biodegradable Urns

The memorial industry is flourishing day by day and new products are often launched in the market. Recently the memorial industry has noticed an increase in demand for biodegradable urns amongst consumers. Biodegradable urns provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional urns, especially when green living practices were important to a loved one who has passed. Also a biodegradable urn is the first choice amongst people who are concerned about their environment and prefer eco-friendly products.

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Also as the market is flooded with end numbers of biodegradable urns, often buyers become confuse as which one to buy. Also buying a biodegradable urn can be considered as a daunting task as buyers are not always clear as what to expect when purchasing this type of urn. But making the right decision is not an impossible task if you are aware of certain basic rules that you need to follow when buying a biodegradable cremation urn.

Here are four simple tips. 

Choose a resting place:

Before searching the market for a perfect biodegradable urn, it is essential to choose a final resting place for your loved one’s ashes. For instance you can look for a “green” cemetery where you can bury a biodegradable urn. Else, you can choose to scatter the ashes in a meaningful location and keep a small portion of the ashes in eco-friendly keepsake urns. Keeping the ashes in a keepsake urn is an excellent option to honor a deceased who cared about their carbon footprint and it allows the surviving family member to keep a memory of the deceased always close to them.

Consider the type of burial:

Biodegradable urns are available for both water and earth burials. Many are designed to dissolve in water or in soil within a set time period. Usually a biodegradable urn dissolves within hours for a water burial or for earth burials the urn dissolves within a few months. Choosing which type of burial best suits your loved one will help you narrow the type of urn to buy.

Choose a material and design:

Next you need to make a decision regarding the material and design for the biodegradable urn. You can choose a material and design that reflects the personality of the deceased. Biodegradable urns come in a variety of materials and finishes to choose from, no matter how you wish to memorialize the life of your loved one. Biodegradable urns use materials designed to dissolve harmlessly in soil or water-but the urns can be crafted with various finishes to uniquely represent the life of your loved one. From a sleek wood finish to a classic style, there are many options available for you to choose. You can check some of the options here at or

Search the market properly:

If you wish to buy the perfect biodegradable urn to honor the life of the deceased then you need to have patience. Research the market properly. You can find biodegradable urns online or in a traditional shop. You can also find such urns in funeral homes. Take your time as you seek out green options. While doing research on the internet you can find numerous green options to pay tribute to a life. So, keep all the options open for you as ultimately, here the question is to honor your loved one in a meaningful way.

To sum up, by following the above mentioned tips you can easily get a biodegradable urn that will truly honor the life of the deceased. However in case you are not able to make a final decision then you can always take help of a family member or friend. You can also contact someone from the funeral home to help you in making the right decision. 

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