Go Green After Death…

Preserve the Earth with Beautiful Biodegradable Urns

Going green is the new trend and if the environment conscious people are to be believed, it is for the best. In recent years things have changed a lot when people make decisions regarding the transition phase that is made from life to remembrance. People nowadays look for eco-friendly options in order to memorialize the life of their loved one or pet.

The eco-friendly movement is going strong with the wide arrange of biodegradable products that can be used for both cremation and burial. One such popular product is biodegradable urns that have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This kind of urn is perfect when you wish to throw the cremation ashes of a deceased out to sea or afloat on the water or scatter the ashes in one of the favorite places of the deceased.

Biodegradable urn

Biodegradable urns or bio urns are available in the market in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Also biodegradable cremation urns come in various sizes.  On an average, these urns have an average 200 cubic inch capacity, but you can also find urns in bigger sizes so that you can also place notes and mementos along with the ashes.

You can use such urns for scattering at sea, burial at sea, burial on land or for temporary indoor display. Biodegradable urns are made from environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials that will fully decompose over a short period of time. For water burial, these urns first float on the water level for a few minutes and then gradually sink and it will go through complete disintegration process once it reaches the bottom of the water body within two to three days. This way you will not cause any harm to the wildlife present inside the water. On the other hand for land burial these urns will completely break down in around a year or less depending on the climate. The materials used for making biodegradable urns have no harmful chemicals or plastics and are hundred percent safe for the environment.

Biodegradable urns

Today biodegradable urns are in huge demand in the market as it has got several benefits. First of all by using biodegradable urns, you are giving minerals and nutrients back to the Earth and thus making a contribution towards preserving land space. Secondly, biodegradable urns can be used for both indoor display and for scattering ashes at sea, river or some land. Thirdly, biodegradable urns will go through complete disintegration process both during land burial or water burial. Fourthly, biodegradable urns are also affordable as compared to traditional cremation urns.

Many people are beginning to see the benefits of biodegradable urns and are even buying them no matter whether they choose earth burial, water burial, or scattering over a sacred place. In all the cases, you are returning the cremation ashes to nature and making a positive contribution towards the natural circle of life. Since protecting the environment has become an increasing concern for many and also a duty towards the environment, biodegradable urns are offering a solution that many people are looking for. 

To conclude, when you are buying biodegradable cremation urn, you are making a huge contribution towards the environment. So next time when ever there is a death in your family shop for a biodegradable cremation urn only and celebrate a beautiful life in a unique manner!

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