Go Green After Death…

Why Should You Consider A Biodegradable Urn?

Cremation is a kind of artificial process by which the natural decay of the human body over time is done within a matter of few hours.  While some people choose cremation over burial due to the low cost factor, another reason why many people choose cremation is because it is a more eco-friendly option as compared to traditional burial. When done thoughtfully and with grace, the whole process of cremation can help save the Mother Nature as well as honor the life of the deceased. 

Eco urns

The crematorium where the cremation process takes place will deposit the cremains in a plastic bag, which is placed in a cheap plastic or cardboard container. One good thing about cremation you can choose different options to handle the cremated remains of your loved one. For instance you can choose to bury or scatter the cremains, rather than keeping them nearby as a treasured memory in a beautiful urn or cremation jewelry, and then the choice of how you bury or scatter the ashes of your loved one can be an opportunity to celebrate their life. For burial or scattering of cremated remain you can event opt for “green” urn for your loved one or pet.

Today biodegradable cremation urns are readily available in the market and due to the increase in popularity; there are more choices than ever before. These “green” urns can help minimize the impact on the environment while offering a lovely memorial for your loved one.

At the same time with the help of biodegradable urns you can choose both burial at water and burial at land. If the best memorial for your loved one is setting ashes out to sea or afloat on the water, a biodegradable cremation urn specifically designed for burial at water is the ideal choice. Such a kind of urn is designed to float for awhile when put on the water body and then gently sink. The urn will go through complete disintegration once it comes to a rest on the bed of the body of water. The materials used for making this kind of urn will not harm the wildlife in the water.

On the other hand if you wish to bury the cremated remains at a sacred place then also you can choose biodegradable urns designed for ground burial. Such an urn provides an attractive and environmentally friendly burial option for you to engage in the process of returning the remains of your loved one back to the dust of the earth. At the same time no harmful chemicals or plastics will be released into the soil and your loved one will take up less precious real estate and make room for more people who choose an eco-friendly funeral. Thus, when you select a biodegradable cremation urn, you are in a way making a commitment to several different facets of green living.

Also biodegradable cremation urns are not that expensive. Depending upon the style and material you choose for a biodegradable urn, you can easily find such an urn in the market starting from the range of $30 to $300. There are many manufacturers of biodegradable urns such as,, and so on who sell their products online. So, you can even order an urn sitting at home and get it delivered at a desired address.

To conclude, the eco-friendly movement is going strong and by choosing a biodegradable urn you can even promote an eco-friendly lifestyle during the transition phase from life to remembrance.

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